Church College Groups

There's a strange dynamic in church college groups. Everyone is either in a serious relationship or looking. It kinda scares me. I think that's why I've always avoided going to the college groups.

But for the first time (even though I already graduated college) I am going to the winter retreat with the college group at my church. I'm excited, but I also don't know what to expect. It makes me a little nervous. I'm feeling like I should just pretend that boys have cooties and talk to no one but the girls.

Is there a third category besides the people in relationships and the people who are looking? I'd like to think that there's a category of people who care less, but I'm thinking that category doesn't actually exist. What do you think? Does it exist or not?

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Anonymous said...

haha. I think there's 3 other categories, actually. A. The person content and going to fellowship with friends their age.
B. A person who isn't necessarily looking, but doesn't mind 'checking out the menu' every so often.
C. The people in a relationship but don't talk about their relationship.
They are a strange dynamic. Definitely, I've encountered some weird people at a college group for sure.

But in one sense, I think it doesn't exist because people in that age group are excited about the possibility of a 'ring by spring'

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