Life Discipler

Ever do that thing where you take your Bible, flip it open to a random page, and drop your finger on a random verse, and ask God to speak to you? Seems like that's a back-up method when you're in a state of spiritual desperation.

Don't let yourself get to that state of spiritual desperation. We are to be constantly in the Word. But let's face it, we're human. Sometimes we need that little tug in the right direction. Life Discipler is the perfect little tug. It's like a concordance in your pocket, but it gives you the verses without you even having to look for them! A perfect little Christmas gift that gives right back!

Team Buzzplant provided me with a free one to review, and I would definitely recommend this little gadget. Check it out on And if you choose to purchase it as a Christmas gift, there is a discount that goes until December 17th! Check it out! :)

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