Photojojo Pocket Square Digital Camera

I thought I'd help some people out. There are no answers on google and now there will be!

If you own a Pocket Square digital camera and don't read Japanese (the instructions don't come in English) you will thank me for this blog post.

There is no "normal" aka "00" mode. The three modes are P1, P2, and P3. And of course, the photojojo site defines them backwards. I've tested it over and are what the modes are.

P1 - monochrome
P2 - noise
P3 - vivid

They are in alphabetical order so that should make it easy to remember! Same way with the videos! Have fun! :P

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Anonymous said...

Thanks very much, Liz! I just picked up my Pocket Square camera at the post office this afternoon. In playing with it, I also discovered that the P (filter) modes are not organized as stated on Photojojo's website. Have you figured out how to video with it yet? I'm assuming it is one or more of the modes (d1, etc.) after the P modes, but I haven't figured out how to start & then stop the video... I have shot a couple of short videos, but I'm not sure what I did, LOL. Thanks! A Canuck

Liz! said...

SO glad I can be of help!

I believe the video modes are the same as the still modes: D1 is monochrome, D2 is noise, and D3 is vivid.

To start a video, you just press the shutter button and then press again to stop the video!

Have fun with your pocket square! Do you have a blog or anything where you'll be sharing your images?

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Liz. I will definitely put this info to good use this weekend.

I don't have a blog, but I do post images on Flickr, at this URL: I play around with a variety of toy cameras, and Polaroids, as well as my d-SLR. Unfortunately, I am woefully behind on my Flickr posting - I'm still posting images from last summer... So, eventually I will upload some images and perhaps even video from the Pocket Square. Thanks again for your help! Pam (aka A Canuck)

Sarah said...

Hi Liz! "Normal mode" is what happens when your pocket square is turned on without switching modes. It's certainly there! Depending on how many shots are on the cam, it'll display 00-99 on the screen. Same with digital video, DV= normal video. We've changed the text on the site to reflect this... Sorry for the confusion! I hope you like playing with yours as much as I do with mine!

Liz! said...

Yay! Thanks for the clarification, Sarah! I definitely like playing with mine a LOT! :)

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