Bad Luck.

Bad luck takes its toll.

11:30 pm - I reach in my purse for my ipod because I wanted to charge it. I notice my ipod case is wet, along with the bottom of my purse. Uhoh! What spilled?
11:32 pm - I realize my ENTIRE water bottle spilled onto my bed, explaining my wet purse. But now my entire mattress is soaked. How do I sleep?
11:34 pm - Blowdryer to the rescue!
11:40 pm - Uhoh, my blowdryer wont reach all the way! Now what?
11:42 pm - I try using a towel to absorb the water. But it's too much water. And it's already absorbed completely through my mattress.
11:43 pm - Back to blowdryer!
11:44 pm - Blowdryer blows out. Lovely.
11:46 pm - There are extensive instructions underneath the reset button instructing you on how long to wait before and after you press the button. I read every word and follow it to a tee.
11:47 pm - My blowdryer resurrected! Yessss! Buuuuut, it still doesn't reach.

Guess I'm sleeping on the floor tonight.

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