Pregnancy Log: Week 23 & Gender Reveal!

Next week, I'll officially be 6 months pregnant! It's CRAZY how fast time is flying! The baby room is [nearly] done now and I am so excited to finally furnish it! Craig and I keep walking into the room and admiring our hard work....It's so surreal that in a few short months, when we walk in there, there will be a little baby inside too! 

Week 23:
Symptoms: Extreeeeeme tiredness...I can't seem to get out of bed every morning & shortness of breath. I thought the morning sickness had finally started to simmer down cuz I hadn't thrown up for a whole week...but then, I threw up this morning so I guess not!

How I'm feeling: Good, but tired!

Cravings: Omelettes...I've literally had one for breakfast every single morning for the past few weeks.

Aversions: Still meats...although I'm finally able to eat more chicken than I've been able to eat throughout this pregnancy so far.

Anything To Report?: YES! After much suspense and anticipation, we FINALLY know the gender of our baby! We are pleased to announce that Baby Walker is a...

It was soooo much fun making this gender reveal/announcement video. It definitely made up for the disappointment of not being able to have the gender reveal party we had planned originally! :-D And now that we know the gender of our little baby, it all feels so much more real! I don't have to refer to my little baby as an "it" anymore! Praise the Lord!

Wedding Ring: On!

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