Pregnancy Log: Week 26

I'm so excited to meet our little baby boy! The more we purchase for him, the more real it all feels. The room is nearly complete. We're waiting one one piece of furniture, which we'll hopefully be able to pick up and assemble today, and our yellow rug. After that, the room will finally be done! We keep walking into the room and sitting on the chair and imagining what our lives will be like in just three short months. Our lives will be completely different. But they will also be a whole new and unimaginable kind of exciting. I CANNOT WAIT! 

Week 26:
Symptoms: I think the throwing up is fiiiiinally over with! The shortness of breath is still going on but I just picked up a prescription for more iron hopefully that should mellow out too!

How I'm feeling: Excited! We are going to Ikea today to pick up the last piece of furniture for our baby room...and we got our pram yesterday! Everything is progressing and we're so excited to meet our little one in 98 days (give or take)!

Cravings: Still omelettes and olives! Ha!

Aversions: The chicken + meat aversions continue...

Anything To Report?: Nope...

Wedding Ring: On!

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