Pregnancy Log: Week 25

The speed that time flies will never cease to amaze me. I cannot believe our baby will be here within 15 weeks. That seems like the blink of an eye!

This week was a productive one in the Walker home! We did A LOT of work on the baby room. (Doesn't "baby room" sound wayyy cuter than "nursery?" I sure think so.) We finished painting, we put up an adorable lamp from Ikea, we got new carpet, AND we bought our baby room furniture and started assembling it all! I can't wait to show everyone pictures. But in the meantime, you'll all have to wait because I am one of these perfectionists that refuses to show people pictures of the incomplete (hence, I will never be a "proper" food blogger).

Anyways, here's this week's pregnancy log!

Week 25:
Symptoms: I threw up three days ago so I guess the morning sickness isn't completely over yet! Ha! And I'm still suffering from extreme tiredness and crazy shortness of breath! I did have a breakthrough though. I'm realizing now that the shortness of breath mainly happens when I am sitting I guess I gotta be more active to avoid it!

How I'm feeling: Excited! I can't wait til the baby room is done!

Cravings: Still omelettes and olives! Ha!

Aversions: The chicken + meat aversions continue...

Anything To Report?: Nope...

Wedding Ring: On!

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