Pregnancy Log: Week 27

This is the last week of the second trimester! I know I've been saying this a lot, but time reeeeally flies! We came home yesterday from having a short holiday in the Lake District with my in-laws. We had a fun time together—so fun that I didn't even take a 26 week belly bump photo. Oh well! I feel like I grew a lot this past week. What do you all think? Can you see the difference from week 25 to week 27?

Week 27:
Symptoms: The shortness of breath is still there...but I realized that it only happens after I eat too much! So I guess I gotta limit my food now! Ha! 

How I'm feeling: Tired but excited! Baby boy is responsive to touch now. It's been fun pressing on my belly and feeling him kick back! :P

Cravings: Still omelettes and olives! Ha!

Aversions: The chicken + meat aversions continue...but they aren't as bad as they were.

Anything To Report?: The baby room is FINISHED!

Wedding Ring: On!

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