Inauguration Day

I wanted to watch it live. I mean, how many times does a person get to watch a presidential inauguration? But alas, I had class. I kinda saw it. The guy next to me had it open but muted on his computer. So I saw it without hearing it.

Right when I got out of class, I rushed to my room, anxious. I wanted to hear Rick Warren's prayer. 

Four minutes and thirty-nine seconds long. 

Come on, please say the name of Jesus. Please.

He prayed a good prayer, constantly making mention of God. But I wanted to hear the name of Jesus. Finally, before coming to a close, he said it. And not only did he say the name of Jesus, he said it in FOUR different languages. Right there before millions of people. Before the entire world! 

Praise God for Rick Warren's proud proclamation of Jesus Christ! God Bless America! =]

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