Visibility: Zero

(Warning: The end of this blog may contain cheesy symbolism.)

Tonight (or rather, last night), I welcomed in the new year in the most amazing way possible. I went to the high school ministry at my church, which seemed to be more of a college-age ministry this particular night. It was marvelous seeing my friends there and it was awesome worshiping with them. 

The night started off with a concert by the Adam Pasion Band who totally rocked! Then, we watched the most powerful movie I have ever seen in my entire life. The room was in dead silence. I am sure people were trying to hold back from crying. I know I was. Eventually, I couldn't hold it back and longer. Most of the movie wasn't even in english so it was very difficult to read the subtitles with the flood of tears in my eyes. If you plan on seeing this movie in the future and don't want me to ruin it for you, don't read my next paragraph.

The movie told a story of a man who was a bridge operator and his young son. His son wanted to go with his father to the bridge one day and after debating it for a while, he agreed. The next day when they were near the bridge, he told his son to stay in a certain spot without moving. The man heads off to the room with the bridge controls. But then the son hears the sound of the train coming and frantically yells trying to get his fathers attention. In a confused desperation, he moves away from the spot his father told him to remain. The father hears the sound of the train and walks over to the bridge controls, but when he glances out of the window, he doesn't see his son. He runs outside and screams for his son but still cannot find him. He goes back inside and has to make a quick decision of what to do. Does he choose to not bring the bridge down and let the hundreds of people inside the train die? No. He lets the bridge down--in a state of panic--while wailing for the loss of his son. The people on the train had no idea of what took place. They didn't know that anyone's life was lost so that they could live. This movie was deep. It showed of God's sacrifice for us. Sending His son to die in our place. Yet many of us take this for granted. Many of us don't even think about it at all. We go on living our lives as if this great sacrifice never took place.

After we watched this movie, we went into a time of worship and communion and then later a baptism. We were going to have a countdown to bring in the new year, but we got carried away in worship. No chaotic countdown, no watching the big ball drop. We were worshiping our Lord instead. And I would have it no other way. Best way to bring in the new year.

After the night ended, we hung out for a little and then I figured I needed to head home. I walk outside and was shocked at the amount of fog I saw. It was thicker fog than I have seen in my entire life! I couldn't even see the front of my car. As I turned the corner, I couldn't even see the church building! It was terrifying! Getting onto the freeway was even harder. I couldn't see the curve of the onramp and was scared I was going to drive right off of it. I have never prayed so hard while driving in my life. Then I got to thinking, this fog is a lot like my future. I have no idea where I am going and I can't even see the curves and bumps ahead of me. Constant communication with God is key. Worship isn't just for church. I should worship all the time, everywhere. Not just in times of desperation, but in lifelong adoration. 

Father I adore You,
And I lay my life before You. 
How I love You. 

Who cares if my future's visibility is zero. God's got it covered! I'm in a foggy desert but Christ will shine my way!

So here's to a new year!

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3 Responses to “ Visibility: Zero ”

Melissa Ashley Leveck said...

amen sister. totally don't know my future but its in God's hands.

K.C. said...

do you have this dvd?

Liz! said...

i actually do not. had you heard of it before reading my blog?

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