The Marriage Trend.

The whole world is engaged! Or at least that's what it feels like. This past summer, I was overwhelmed with the fact that I knew 14 girls who were engaged. Well, some of them got married already and a few more people I know got engaged. The current count is 9. I have never known so many people that were engaged at the same time! Does that mean I am getting old? The marriage trend is seeping into my age group....Is this what it feels like to be 90 and have the death trend seep in?

There will be a lot more pics like this in the near future! 

Congrats Mary!

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6 Responses to “ The Marriage Trend. ”

Faith said...

Crazy I say! I guess we are just at that age where everyone is getting engaged.

Miray said...

Haha this would be the blog I comment on huh? Thats really funny though cause I feel like our whole junior class at clu is getting engaged and its like Scott started the

Yvonne said...

ugh... I know thats what you did to you know what!!

Its ok liz your not old and dont ever compare marriage to death. lol!

K.C. said...

Just go to bible college....ring by spring!

Yvonne said...

KC no need for Bible college...CBU is know for ring by spring...MRS. Degree you know all that good stuff. lol

P.S. Liz at least your friends are just getting engaged/married...all of mine are having kids. lol!

Yvette said...


...that's all i have to say.

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