A Plate of Doritos.

I am blessed. I love my family. I know I say that a lot, but I just can't help it. Sometimes I wonder why God chose to place me in such a perfect family, but wondering just causes me to thank Him over and over again. 

Honestly, the laughs that take place in family gatherings are innumerable. I have the strongest cheek muscles. I work them out a lot.

Today was marvelous. Actually, yesterday. Haha, it seems like I always blog past midnight.

We had an incredible family gathering for new years. I was bummed at first cuz half of my family wasn't gonna be there cuz they were going to San Diego, but they surprised us by showing up on their way. 

I made 28 kabobs. Myself. (Even though my mom was the one who did the barbecuing.) Mhmm, I am proud. Haha. My dad claimed I was implementing my artistic abilities since I forbade anyone from helping me, fearing that they would ruin my pattern. 

Anyways, back to the laughter story.

It was time to eat so everyone starts yelling at everyone else to come to the table. I glance at the table and break out in laughter. Sarah glances at the table and does the same. It was amazing. Everything was ethnic: kabobs, taboola, mahshi, etc. But wait...not everything. The one plate that ruined our ethnicity and caused our cheek muscles to be strengthened. A plate of doritos. Hahahahaha!

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, That's not funny at all Liz. But if that's the case, then I have to break something to you. You are deprived from a wondrous family such as mine.

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Anonymous said...

i couldn't have put it better :] although, i must correct your statement about our family being perfect. we are far from perfect! we are completely insane, but i suppose in our eyes that is also a form of perfection, so nevermind. the picture was completely perfect though, hahahahahaha!!!! i love you, elizabosch!


Yvonne said...

I laughed cuz I know!!!
Also becuase you put the doritos on a plate. lol!

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