Onion Rings

I should have written this blog days ago. 

This is my rant about the new changes at the caf. On-the-go Cafe is interesting. After trying it once, I approve. It's like subway. Kinda. Not as good, and significantly more expensive, but it's decent. A person can get a little sick of to-go sandwiches all the time though. I miss having free reign of what I want in my to-go box.

And this brings me to the main story for my blog. Free reign of what I want. Not just in a to-go box, but all the time. 

I walked up to the burger station and I saw what I wanted. Onion rings. "Can I just have onion rings, please?" I asked the guy serving.


"Umm, are you joking?"

"No, I am serious."

"Wait...what? Why?!?!"

"We only have enough onion rings to go with the burgers. So if you want onion rings, I can give you some if I give you a burger too."

"I don't eat burgers. I want onion rings."

"Sorry. I just gave a guy three onion rings and my boss got mad at me. So do you want onion rings and a burger then?"

"Uhh, no thanks."

I walked away FURIOUS. I have never wanted onion rings so bad in my life. I felt like the little kid who so badly wanted the cookies left on the table but was told not to touch. 

I went to the manager. Mind you, this is something I never do. I am usually compliant doormat Liz, but the onion rings were just calling out my name that day. I wasn't rude to him. I merely asked, "Umm, I am a little confused. I went and asked for onion rings and the guy told me he wasn't allowed to give any to me unless I got a burger too. Is that some new system or something?" 

The manager made a crazy facial expression and told me to follow him. He walks into the burger station and gets some for me on his own. It was amazing! So I got my onion rings. And they were the best onion rings I had in my whole life!

The end.

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3 Responses to “ Onion Rings ”

aprilmclean said...

That's amazing. I wonder why the caf is so stupid now. I am hoping everything gets fixed before I go to cbu... Or else I might have to go to Biola or something... haha :)

Allison said...

Yea thats dumb...its funny that he wouldnt just give you onion rings they usually always do that, if they make you take a burger too isnt that wasting more food which is what they are trying to prevent?
o boy...the battle with the caf continues....
ps im glad you got your onion rings

Yvonne said...

The welcome is slowly going away one letter at a time. Yay for us!!!

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