Two Things My Heart Desires.

Oh my goodness! I just saw it and my heart is racing! Could this be God opening the door to do two things my heart desires??

I went to England last summer for a missions trip. Our church goes every year to help out with Creationfest. I really want to go again, but my heart is with the Jr. Ministry. Last summer, I had to miss Jr. High Summer Camp because it was during the same time as the England trip. Anyways, I just went on the camp's website and camp is July 19-25. "Tentative dates" for Creationfest are August 7-9. If, and only if, my church works around the Creationfest dates the exact same way they did last year, then the trip will probably be July 30th to August 13th. 

God, if it's your will for me to do both, please send me a miracle.

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3 Responses to “ Two Things My Heart Desires. ”

Becs said...

that would be amazing! hope you can do both!

by the way, i left you that wall comment before i read your post... how crazy is that?!

Yvonne said...

That would be awesome!
I told you God could do whatever He wants and if that was both or one He would show you.
Awe yay!

Holly Strand said...

He just have to wait:) I have realized that is what life is about right now...waiting for His leading. I hate waiting and I'm the most impatient that is what the Lord is teaching me because looking back, after the waiting is done, He has done some MAJOR refining.
so if you are anything like the "waiting time" cause He really does so many things to prepare you and teach you during the "waiting time".

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