The White Screen of Death.

My phone is dead. Well, not fully, just partly dead. Yes, partly dead is possible...just watch the Princess Bride.

It went psycho the other day. It only works if I never close it. When I close it and open it again, I get the white screen of death. Then I can't do a thing unless I take out the battery and put it back in again. SO annoying!

I managed to keep my phone open for 3 whole days. No putting it in my pocket, no throwing it in my backpack. I felt like I was living in the early 90s when they had those massive cellphones the size of people's heads! The ones that you couldn't fit inside of anything!

Thankfully, it was still under warranty so I was able to get a free damage replacement (although I did have to pay $10 shipping). T-mobile told me they are shipping it via UPS. So today, I tracked it. It's sitting in Ft. Worth, Texas at the moment. Guess I wont have it til next weekend! Laaaaaame.

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