Crazy Yellow Purse.

As mentioned previously, one of my recent obsessions is yellow things. One of the yellow things that I really want is a crazy yellow purse. I found the IDEAL one on etsy, but alas, it is $95. I WILL NEVER spend that much on a purse. EVER. So, of course, I resort to looking elsewhere. In my search for a yellow purse, I embarked on a typical journey to amazon. I buy many things on there on a regular basis, so what could be the harm? I type in "yellow purses and handbags." You can imagine my surprise when this purse came up...go ahead...check it out for yourself. lol. Think it's crazy enough? Hahaha. I think everyone I know would murder me if I ever bought a purse like this.

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2 Responses to “ Crazy Yellow Purse. ”

David D. said...

Whats wrong with this one?

Liz! said...

the fact that it is ostrich. haha.

but if someone ever spent that much on a purse for me, and did not mention the fact that it is ostrich, i think i'd like it. it's a nice shade of yellow =] haha!

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