Recent Obsessions.

I love how I am a junior in college, and I JUST TODAY sold my SAT book online.

That book is pointless. Honestly, who studies for the SATs?! Oh well. I made $11 off the book. Almost enough for me to buy this...Should I do it? I wish it came with the frame!

On a slightly different note, I am selling my first thing on ebay as of today. We'll see how this goes. I think online selling/buying is like my new recent obsession. I have a lot of new recent obsessions...

1) Online selling/buying
2) Polaroids
3) Polaroid blogs
4) Craft blogs
5) Making crafts
6) Things that are yellow
7) Wayfarer sunglasses

Ok, maybe not that many.

But...this is DEF my new favorite blog! =]

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2 Responses to “ Recent Obsessions. ”

Yvonne said...

Making crafts????? You???
Oh and dont buy that pic, just make it lol!!

Oh and what are you selling on Ebay? Why not amazon?

Liz! said...

i WOULD make it, but i feel like that'd totally be stealing it! besides, i don't have the wood type blocks!

and...i am selling a textbook on ebay...i am also selling it on amazon...but it's been up on amazon for like 3 years and no one is buying it. so i thought i'd try ebay too! lol.

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