A False Sense of Accomplishment.


...well, not really. lol.

Do you ever feel like there is that one thing, that when it has passed, you will feel accomplished? But then, it passes and you still have many other things ahead of you?? That's how I feel right now. Such a false sense of accomplishment.

This semester is REDICULOUS (E entered for emphasis). Honestly, I feel like I am never done. I never feel relieved. I hate that feeling. People were counting down til spring break and I couldn't even do that. Now it is here, but not really. I fiiiiiinally finished my crazy take home midterm and my paper but now I have to finish my assignment for my youth ministry class and then do two online quizzes for my geology class. AHH WILL IT EVER END?!

I'm going home tomorrow morning and I am gonna attempt doing little to no homework over break. I know that sounds like I am a loser of a student, but honestly, I just need some rest.

Doesn't this look ridiculous to you?

And to make that worse, that's not even all my books! This book stack has gotten out of hand. And notice how low my Bible is on that stack. (Can you even see my Bible??) Jesus, please forgive me.

I miss my Bible. I miss church on Wednesdays. I miss Tuesday nights. I miss hanging out with my roommie. I miss talking to my loves on the phone. I miss my cousins.

46 days til the last day of school.

P.S. Thank you to all of you who have been praying for me. I would not have survived this otherwise.

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3 Responses to “ A False Sense of Accomplishment. ”

Becca said...

It has TRULY been a rough semester. Hang in there, girl. We'll both make it through. Love you!

Liz! said...

thanks so much becca!
i love you too!

Yvonne said...

I love and miss you too roomieface. Muah!!!

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