This will probably be the most sporadic blog you will ever read.

But I just need write out my vents...(I really wanted to write "ventations" right now, but I know that is not a word.)

First of all, this is the most stressful semester ever (due to one specific class). I know I have vented about this before, but I just had to let that out again. I have made SOME progress though. I cleaned my clutter. It seems like I am one of those people that has a cluttered mess when my life is cluttered. I want to be charientistic right now and blame my clutter on certain people, but I will spare you. (This may be a new trend of mine, using big words when I am stressed.)

Second, I bought a new pair of dress pants for work this weekend. I needed a new pair cuz it seems like all my black pants are turning into gray pants. All is well until I go to hang it in my closet. I lift it up and realize those dumb people left the little thing on it that is supposed to beep when you leave the store. It obviously did not beep when we walked out. I would just yank it off, but they leak this nasty bluish purplish ink if you try to force them off.

Third, Target didn't have my polaroid film. Luckily, I called before I took a pointless drive there. The guy was like, "Sorry, it ran out like yesterday. Or maybe the day before. Or wait..." He wouldn't stop talking and I just wanted to hang up. Tell me, why would Target.com say that this specific Target has it in stock when it actually doesn't? Grr!

Strangely enough, in the midst of all this, I am learning of God's faithfulness over and over. I may tend to overdramatize things when I am stressed and make a mountain out of a molehill when I vent to people, but God doesn't care. He is still there, always faithful. He's my constant sorce of encouragement.

On a brighter note, I may be going to England again this summer! Yay! (Becca, I totally started filling out my application too! Thought you'd be happy about that!) God is good!

Alright, I'll end this blog on a good note. Goodnight.

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Yvonne said...

On a better note. We laughed tonight!!!

Becs said...

Yay! England - woop woop!

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