Speed Bumps and Guacamole.

Today was by faaaaaar the best day of spring break. I got to visit some of my favorite people at APU. It was marvelous.

Both Jen and Janette live on campus in University Village. Jen tells me how to get there, but fails to warn me about their death trap speed bumps. (Don't worry, I forgive you for not telling me, Jen, and I still love you.) Now, I thought CBU's speed bumps were bad. We have a series of like 11 or 12 in a row when you first enter the school. (That's a rough estimate...I never actually counted them.) Anyways, those things are ridiculous! You drive over them at like 20 mph (the speed limit is 10 mph) and they nearly destroy your car. Or maybe it's just my car. Bless that marvelous thing. Well, I thought nothing could be worse until today. I go over the first one at like 5 mph and I felt like I was going to die. It was INTENSE. So, I slow down to about 3 mph when I get to the next one. Nope, still bad. My car's a trooper for not failing me! I ended up having to take them nearly stopped so my car doesn't fall apart. Honestly, no matter how much I write about them, you will never understand unless you experience them for yourself. Go there. APU. University Village.

Jen, Janette, and I later decided to go to Chipotle for lunch. I order my chicken bowl and the lady asks me, "Would you like some guacamole with that?"

"Uhh, sure, " I replied.

"It'll be a little extra, is that still alright?"

"Sure. Thanks."

Now, I don't know if this woman comes from a millionaire family or something, but $1.65 for a tiny cup of guacamole is not a "little extra!" Geez these people!

I am not bitter. I promise. Just go re-read the first 3 sentences of this blog =]

The end.

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