Jr. High Camp vs. the Unfortunate Reality

Jr. High camp this past weekend was such a blessing! I had a marvelous time up there with all the kids and the leaders! I got placed into an amazing cabin with a group of very amazing girls! I seriously have never seen jr. highers so receptive before! Definitely one of the greatest camps!

On top of that, free time was marvelous cuz there was TOOOONS of snow! I had never seen so much snow in my life! A little group of us leaders decided to trek up to Genesis Point and the whole way there, we were sinking up almost to our waists in snow! Haha, I really think I have thunder thighs after this weekend!

Here are some camp polaroids...Check my facebook and/or myspace for the other pics!

(Here, I was totally standing ON the lake! hahaha!)

Anyways, since camp was SO wonderful, I really really didn't wanna come back to the unfortunate reality. This semester is probably the most overwhelming semester of my life. 19 units...and a Professor who lacks even an ounce of understanding. I have never been so stressed in my life. I have never missed so much church in my life. I have never cried about school so much in my life.

If it comes to your mind, please keep me in prayer. Thanks friends.

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2 Responses to “ Jr. High Camp vs. the Unfortunate Reality ”

David D. said...

Will do Liz.

Also, you are much taller in your blogs than in real life.

Liz! said...

thanks mucho. i greatly appreciate it.

and yes, i am taller than 4 and a half feet...and in real life too! lol.

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