Nerd Rant: Why iOS 8 is NO GOOD on an iPhone 4S

Maybe I shouldn't have updated my iPhone 4S to iOS 8. I read an article about how it can brick a 4S. Too bad that was already after I did the update. Well, my phone isn't quite a brick, but it seems to be on life support. Here is a list of the problems I've been facing so far. Fellow iPhone 4S owners, let me know if you're experiencing any of the same and if you have any solutions!

  1. Maaaajor lagging. It takes an eternity for most apps to open and when you type, it types on a delay.
  2. Issue with Notes syncing over iCloud. My iPhone notes are very important to me. I use them for freelance work as well as just keeping a written record of, well, everything! I'm always worried about losing them and having a syncing issue between my phone and my MacBook Pro just isn't acceptable! (I WAS able to resolve this issue eventually. Let me know if you need my step by step guide for doing so.)
  3. Photos won't save. You know when you open apps like Timehop or Facebook and want to save a photo to your camera roll? Yeah, that wont work anymore.
  4. Battery life disappears into thin air. My battery was at 94% and then my phone froze. I restarted. Now my battery is at 83%. Umm, can someone explain that logically to me please?
  5. 2048 is now a joke! My favorite iPhone game, my addiction, won't work properly! I have to swipe multiple times to get tiles to move but then sometimes I swipe only once and the tiles move too much!! I can't live with this problem!!!!!
These are my biggest complaints thus far. And this is after only playing around with iOS 8 for a few hours. Don't get me wrong, iOS 8 is great. But iOS 8 and an iPhone 4S should not be friends. 

End rant.

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