Pregnancy Log: Week 21

For the first time in my pregnancy, I looked down at my tummy a few days ago and it looked lopsided. My belly button was facing left. What a bizarre thing! The baby is moving around lots now!!

I still can't get over this—the fact that God has chosen to bless us with a baby is so mind blowing! I'm excited for the upcoming weeks.

Week 21:

Symptoms: Still a bit of random nausea (I actually feel like it picked up again...), stuffy nose, tiredness, nearly constant back pain, difficulty sleeping, shortness of breath

How I'm feeling: I feel good...and I feel huge. Ha!

Cravings: Eggs. EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. And olives still. Haha!

Aversions: Still chicken...and meats in general. I made Turkey Meatball Soup last week that everyone seemed to love...but I wasn't too fond of it. Too meaty for this baby!

Anything To Report?: This baby is ACTIVE!!

Wedding Ring: On! I actually feel like my fingers are getting skinnier and my rings are slipping off...

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hilary said...

A chiropractor who can adjust pregnant women will help with the back pain! I only went once a week last time, and Id have three to four days before the pain would kick in again, so im hoping to go twice a week this time around :)

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