Pregnancy Log: Week 22

I wonder when I'm reeeeally gonna pop out. I feel like it's bound to happen in the upcoming weeks. 

Anyways, this week hasn't really shown anything new and exciting in terms of pregnancy. We have been working a lot on the baby room though! And I am proud to say, it's coming along quite nicely!!!! We painted our stripey wall a couple nights ago and I will most definitely be showcasing it in my weekly bump photos! :) 

Week 22:

Symptoms: The shortness of breath is the biggest symptom now, it seems! Plus the usual random nausea, stuffy nose, tiredness, and way too frequent urination!

How I'm feeling: Good! But I'm tired of always needing to pee! Ha!

Cravings: Eggs and olives. 

Aversions: Still chicken and still meats and "heavy" foods.

Anything To Report?: Nope.

Wedding Ring: On!

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