Pregnancy Log: Week 19

I'm starting to realize that the category "life" is too broad for a blog...especially with a baby on the way. I might need to make a separate "pregnancy" or "baby" category! What do you all think?

Anyyyways, one of my favorite mom bloggers (can you believe I already have favorite mom bloggers?!) started a pregnancy log on her blog since she is now pregnant with baby number two! After reading hers, I felt inspired to log my own pregnancy! What a wonderful way to remember this joyous miracle that God is creating!

I'm almost halfway through my pregnancy now (I can't believe how fast time flies!!) so this might be fairly late, but at least this way I can capture the excitement of the second half!

Here we go!

Week 19:

Symptoms: Still a bit of random nausea (I threw up this morning!), stuffy nose, tiredness, sore back, difficulty sleeping

How I'm feeling: Apart from annoyance at this lingering cold I've got, I feel fine!

Cravings: Subway, salty snacks, olives

Aversions: Chicken (still!) and most other meats! I'm afraid this baby is turning me vegetarian! Haha!

Anything To Report?: We felt the baby move for the first time this week!! It was the most exciting thing in the world!

Wedding Ring: On!

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