Pregnancy: Kidney Flush

Pregnancy: 18 weeks, 6 days

I've been having these cramps lately, near where my kidneys are. I don't know if these cramps are a cause to worry or not, but I've done all I could do at the doctor's. I had a urine test last week and I am still waiting for the results. Sit, wait, and trust the Lord. That's what I need to do. [Why is it that trusting the Lord is always my last option?! I need to learn to do this from the very beginning! But, anyways, I digress.]

I've been reading up on my symptoms online as much as I could without driving myself insane. A lot of sites make it seem like I'm just dehydrated. One site even took it so far as to say that even if the cramps are the beginnings of a kidney infection, I could flush out the infection from my system by drinking more water. Water. Always the solution. Yet, why is it such a struggle to drink more water?!

I've set a goal for myself...with a bribe. I am not going to make myself breakfast until I drink one whole large glass of water. Sounds easy enough, right? Ehh, not for me! Let's see how I do with my own challenge!

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