Black Friday

Black Friday was yesterday.

And let me tell you, this day is waaaaay over-commercialized! My mom and I went to the mall and came out with ONE bag! Sales weren't even that wonderful at all! Granted, there were SOME stores that had pretty rockin sales, but by the afternoon, all those marvelous sale items were gone. Half the stores hike up prices more than usual just to make it a larger percent off. 

What do I think?

(did that just for you Yvette! lol.)

Everyone should watch this...

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3 Responses to “ Black Friday ”

aprilmclean said...

The whole time I was shopping yesterday, I was thinking about that video. haha!

Liz! said...

haha yeah, it's quite the convicting video, huh?

Yvette said...

professional scam!

and p.s. i like that video.

remind me to tell you about the star of christmas! hahaha

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