The Trip.

Nope, I didn't go on vacation. I tripped.

I trip all the time, but this was THE trip. My flip-flop got caught in a spot of uneven pavement and I flew! But with my mad never-falling-when-tripping skills, I was able to land on two feet (about 5 feet away from where the incident occurred). It was the most embarrassing thing ever! Mind you, I usually do not get embarrassed when I trip, but this was the worst trip ever! And on top of that, this guy was walking toward our direction when it happened. I'm sure he laughed on the inside. If I were him, I would have probably laughed out loud! Good thing there are still some nice people left in the world.

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Anonymous said...

haha that is the funniest thing! I dont know what i would have done...probably laughed! lol

Faith said...


Well at least you landed on your feet!

Yvonne said...


thats me and Liz!


P.S. I laughed but not JUST becuase you rtipped!

Yvonne said...

Our not to be confused with

1. Liz and her flip flops
2. Liz and the pavement that tripped her
3. Liz and her...twin...wearing the same cloths as her.

I'll stop there even though the list could go on.

Yvonne said...

Or even Liz and her imaginary friend


(well there was 3 people so...)

Amy said...

you should tell that slab of pavement to pick on someone else!!! (not me!)
what a meanie-face that slab is!

julsie said...

Pretty much if you ever trip, it's because you're wearing those suckers.
On separate occasions I have gotten the front part of the flip flop bent over and then I've scrapped my toe once. Darn flip flops...

Yvette said...

i trip all the time too!!! i'm pretty sure you have to be clumsy to be a part of our family.

my question for you is this: have you ever tripped walking UP a flight of stairs? that was my ultimate trip. it happened more than once in the same 10 seconds. people probably thought i was on drugs... i just laughed and kept walking :)

Becca said...

HAHAHA this kind of stuff happens to me all the time! Love you!

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