Why Horses Neigh.

You can learn a lot by people watching.

Today, I learned the reason for horses neighing. Bear with me, I will explain how.

As Yvonne and I were walking back to our cottage from lunch, I couldn't help but laugh at the way a certain guy was walking. He was lifting his legs in a really strange way, kind of like how a horse lifts its legs. (Use your imagination.) Anyways, I pointed him out to Yvonne and she thought it was funny too...so she started walking like him. It was hilarious! But after walking about ten feet like that, she was getting completely out of breath. This caused her to need to take a big breath and sigh...imagine a horse doing this...it sounds like a neigh! 

So pretty much, we realized that since horses use so much of their energy to walk, they neigh to catch their breaths! Ha! I should write a wikipedia article!

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