Cool Water Bottles

I really wanted a cool water bottle. I don't know why. It's a problem I have. Random gadgets and accessories. But I promised myself that if I got a cool water bottle, I would use it. Bought it from Target. Way cheaper than the one I almost bought from Amazon. and this one is even better! Cuz you can open this one with one finger. That's right! One FINGER. Pretty much coolest water bottle out there!

P.S. For all you go green fanatics, it IS bpa free =]

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3 Responses to “ Cool Water Bottles ”

Amy said...

aweeesoooommmmeee! :D thats coool :)

Yvonne said...

I LOVE your new blog heading!
Make me one please!!!

Cool bottle too by the way!

Liz! said...

ok! i will! i just need to find a good picture first! =]

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