Near Death Experience #2

I saw a possum today.

And if you know anything about my fear of rodent-like creatures, you would know that possums may very well be the things I fear most in life. Honestly, I might drop dead if one comes within 10 feet of me. 

Anyways, I had just got back from church. I got out of my car and proceeded toward the walkway so I can go back to my cottage. All of a sudden, I spot the disgusting tail. My heart rate immediately went up. Panic. Sweaty palms. I almost screamed. Then I noticed a couple walking by and I didn't want to embarrass myself so I held back on the screaming. I pull out my phone so I can call Yvonne and verbalize my freaking out. But since I was shaking so much and intensely freaking out, I COULDN'T EVEN FIND HER IN MY PHONEBOOK! (btw, she's last in my phone book, and therefore very easy to find...usually.) I give up on trying to call her and freak out for about 3 more minutes before I gain the courage to RUN all the way back to my cottage. Scariest event of the year, by far!

I get back to my cottage, still shaking and freaking out...About an hour later, Yvonne is on the phone and she goes outside to talk. She is standing on the bench outside when she spots another one!

Ahhhhhh! Crazy possum infestation at cbu! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!

Note: I know "opossum" is the correct spelling. It just sounds better without the O. Those horrible creatures need all the help they can get.

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5 Responses to “ Near Death Experience #2 ”

Yvonne said...

"she spots another one!" What you cant leave the rest out just becuase it is more intense than your story. I made eye contact with me like 24 incehes from my face and when I left and screamed it jumped out of the tree after me.
That is the rest of the story.

carly said...

i hate to say this...but my roommate saw one the other night, also. except she got all excited. i guess she likes them? i'd be more inclined to hold your point of view...goodness those things are creepy.

David D. said...

Did I tell you I was a possum too?

Yvette said...

wait! how do you know she didn't see the same one? hahaha

Amy said...

hahahaha :) we saw the same possum that yvonne did. a friend of ours was leaving the cottage and like 2 minutes after she left, she called us to come out quick so i grabbed hannah (while she was washing her face) and we went and saw it. hahah they started taking pictures of it :) thats my possum story. i have another. but its not relevant. haha.

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