Street Buy

Driving Yvonne to the airport, we passed by a street buy. That's what the sign said anyway. I wonder what they sell there! Hahahaha!

(We recreated the sign since we weren't quick enough to take a pic of it while we were on the road. This is exactly what it looked like!)

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5 Responses to “ Street Buy ”

aprilmclean said...

haha that's funny!

Oh and how did you make it so it says what you're currently reading? I want that on my blog. :)

Liz! said...

i coded it myself. just like as if you were putting a pic on your myspace profile. =]

aprilmclean said...

How do you do that? Im so confused. You're genius! haha

Yvonne said...

My Bubble letters stink!!!
But this was funny!

Liz! said...

yvonne, your bubble letters look fine!

and april, umm, i donno how to explain it on here! lol. one day face to face! lol.

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