Excitements of the Week.

Excitements of the week:

- I was confused when Jillian posted a blog with a pic of a gas station sign that had gas for only $1.99. I thought it was one of those little ghetto places that makes cars sound like clunkers. But then yesterday, I found it!! I filled gas for $1.99 and am still a happy camper! =]

- Yvette made a discovery. It IS possible to sneeze with your eyes open. I haven't yet done it successfully myself, but I now know it is possible so I will do it one day in the near future.

- While prank texting a friend of a friend (haha, like how I am keeping this anonymous?), this ridiculous guy came up with the most ridiculous excuse I have ever heard in my entire life..."I was overseas. I got a few head injuries. So some things get mixed up." Hahahaha! I now have a future excuse to tell a cop if I ever get pulled over for speeding or something!

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5 Responses to “ Excitements of the Week. ”

Faith said...

I saw a place with gas for $1.98. O_O

Yvonne said...

Looooooooove it!
but Haaaaaaaaaaate that I know the unnamed boy...unnamed boy??

Liz! said...

oh my goodness faith! where?!

and yvonne, i have decided that unnamed boys are problematic. ...oh, and i think we should try sneezing with our eyes open tomorrow. lol.

Yvette said...

ha! i can't believe i can sneeze with my eyes open!

Amy said...

1.56 today :) thas how cheap it is here... just wait, in a couple of weeks, it will be that cheap there :)
haha :) sounds like he had brain problems...

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