Why has no one ever told me about Pandora before?! It is the greatest thing that has happened to internet radio!!

It was kinda funny how I heard about it actually. I was listening to Matt Wertz at work from his myspace page. Taylor goes, "Is that Pandora?" I replied, "No, it's Matt Wertz." And he said, "I know, but is it Pandora?" "No, it's Matt Wertz." "But is it Pandora?" "NO, Matt Wertz!!" "But are you on" "Huh?" Then, he FINALLY explained it to me! 

This is the greatest site ever! You type in the name of an artist and it matches music to that artist and creates your own personalized radio station!! And it does a pretty good matching job as well!!

I think you all should check it out!!

Am I the only one that was in the dark about this or has this blog enlightened anyone?

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Holly Strand said...

LOVE pandora...sorry I didn't tell you about it. lol

Liz! said...

oh holly! you're cute! i forgive you for not telling me! lol.

and.....i can't wait to see you again!!

Yvonne said...


rachel said...

oh liz.

i am so sorry you didn't know about this.

it been around since like sophomore year of high school.

umm what else should i tell you about...

ebay? it is this awesome site. kida like everyone in the world is having a garage sale online.

amazon? they sell every sigle book and cd and dvd and everything else for cheaper than it would normally be. they have this deal where you get free shipping if you spend 25 dollars. so your total is going to be like 19.75 and you want that free shipping so you buy one more thing.

did that help?

Liz! said...

hahaha you're so funny rachel!

now the question for you is....have you ever purchased anything from etsy? i know you have heard of it, but have you ever used it?

David D. said...

I've known about this for many moons now.

My bad liz. I'll be evangelizing about Pandora now

Allison said...

HAHA my mom showed this to me a while ago. Weird. my mom knew before me lol

Liz! said...

wow! everyone REALLY did know before me! except yvonne. thanks roomie =] lol.

and davey, yes, evangelize about pandora. people need to know!

aprilmclean said...

I was in the dark... the very deep, cold, lonely, dark. You have shown me light that I have never seen before and for that, I am grateful. ;)

Yvette said...

what! i didn't know about that!!

Liz! said...

aww well i am very excited that i have guided two people into the light! lol.

Amy said...

its ok Liz :)
i didn't know either :)
i now have like 5 lists going on pandora :)
thanks for the heads up :)
hahah :) its pretty great :)
have a great day!
Amy :)

rachel said...

i have made lists. and know about it for a while but i have never bought anyhitng from etsy.

have you?

Liz! said...

nope i haven't. not yet anyway. i probably will soon though cuz there are a BAJILLION things on there that i want! lol.

Anonymous said...

consider me enlightened. lol
you probably could've guessed that!

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