I forgive but I don't forget. Actually, I stay angry for a long time even after forgiving. And yes, that makes sense in my mind.

God's showing me a lot about that.

Then the LORD said, "Is it right for you to be angry?" -Jonah 4:4

"Injuries hurt not more in the receiving than in the remembrance. A small injury shall go as it comes; a great injury may dine or sup with me; but none at all shall lodge with me. Why should I vex myself because another hath vexed me? Grief for things past that cannot be remedied, and care for things to come that cannot be prevented, may easily hurt, can never benefit me. I will therefore commit myself to God in both, and enjoy the present." -Joseph Hall
Why dwell on things that only caused me pain? No one is bothered in my anger, except for me. Let go, and let God. That's one of the cliche Christian phrases that I have to keep telling myself. God is in control of every situation in my life, including the dramatic ones. He'll take care of them. All I have to do is entrust them completely over to Him. No anger, no hard feelings, no bad memories. Just trust.

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2 Responses to “ Anger ”

Jacob said...

Good thoughts. It's hard too when you feel like you've forgiven someone, and you find that you actually haven't. Or at least you have to keep forgiving someone for the same thing (even though it only happened once) over and over. If all that even makes sense...

But, that's when, like you said, you have to entrust it to God.

Elizabeth Mousa said...

It's definitely a lesson I am still learning!

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