iPhone Rant

Read the comments. They are pretty darn hilarious!


I ordered my unlocked iPhone 4S today. I am SUPER EXCITED! The purpose of the blog is the justification of my spending a ridiculous amount of money on a phone. You see, I agree with the majority of the comments on the link above.

Yes, the phone is expensive. I am well aware of that. But in the long run (actually, 11 months which isn't even that long), the phone will practically pay for itself. I am a proud T-Mobile customer. I am on a family plan, and we pay about $120/month for 3 phones with more than enough minutes, more than enough data, and unlimited texting. That means my phone is $40/month. Most people with iPhones pay about $100/month for 1 phone. That is $60 more per month than what I pay. In 11 months, the average person would have spend more money on their plan than I did on my phone. Believe me folks, I thought long and hard about this. So there we have it. All you haters out there can stop hating. Just be thankful I spent my own money and not yours.

End rant.


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