Church Hopping

Today, I did something I usually am not a fan of. I went Church hopping. Mind you, I haven't completely ditched my church. It was only one day. And it really isn't hopping if you're committed. But still.

I went to Mars Hill OC this morning and I really want to go again. I love my church, but I feel like my ministry is sucking me dry. I love being involved and I love serving, but it gets harder and harder when you don't have time to go and be fed. I feel like I need to plug in more, more for myself, so I can balance out my serving and my being fed. But how do I do that when there aren't enough days in the week and not enough hours in the day?! Whyyy is life so busy?! Satan's using my busyness to distract me. I blogged about this very thing not too long ago.

I need more spiritual nutrition. I need more Jesus time. I need to get away from my distractions. But how??

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Dawn Carter said...

Noticing the distraction is such an indicator that God is drawing you deeper. He'll let you know how to get free of the distractions.

Thanks for your post.

Dawn Carter

Elizabeth Mousa said...

And thank YOU for the encouragement!

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