Pros and Cons Lists

I'm a big fan of lists. I always have been. My favorite kind of lists are pros and cons lists. They just seem to shed light on a lot that I wouldn't otherwise see. I'm currently in the process of making 2 pros and cons lists. One will be posted on this blog: the pros and cons of the iphone versus the blackberry. The other, well, I can't really talk about that one. I'm trying to practice prudence. Ha! But now I'm just making all of you curious so I'll just shut up now. Okay, this blog was a waste of your time. Sorry for making you read that. You were bound to get a blah blog during November Blogfest. Happy blogging! :P

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2 Responses to “ Pros and Cons Lists ”

Yvonne said...

I hate pros and cons lists. They never help me, they just make me more confused! I end up thinking of things I hadn't and the sides end up being even. ugh! lol!

Elizabeth Mousa said...

I'm feeling like a hypochondriac right about now! Thanks Yvonne! lol.

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