Sometimes, all it takes is remembering—remembering what the Lord has done for us in spite of ourselves.

I can't get over how blessed I am. I am such a failure at life, but God doesn't cease showering me with His blessings. Whenever you find yourself in a complaining or mopey mood, just sit back and remember and recognize that He remembered you first.

"The LORD has remembered us; He will bless us." Psalm 115:12

"My Father! What am I, 
that all Thy mercies sweet like sunlight fall 
so constant o'er my way? 
That Thy great love should shelter me, 
and guide my steps so tenderly 
through every changing day?" 

Source: Tileston, Mary W. (2005-07-01). Daily Strength for Daily Needs (Kindle Locations 2474-2476). Public Domain Books. Kindle Edition. 

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