The Slum of Christian Cliché

Last night, I went to an INCREDIBLE Gungor concert. They are truly a group of talented musicians.

Their set list was arranged differently than they typically would do it. They went along with the flow of their new album, keeping it as a narrative.

When they got to their song "Ezekiel," I noticed something strange. Now, if you're familiar with their new album and particularly this song, you will understand exactly what I am talking about. There were many many hands raised. Why?! I thought to myself. This isn't a worship song. I kept looking around the auditorium. Hundreds of people had their hands raised. I was completely confused. During a song like this, hands being raised couldn't possibly mean praise and they couldn't really mean surrender either.

This song was written based on an extremely graphic chapter of the Bible (Ezekiel 16). In this chapter, the prophet Ezekiel went on rant because God's people were whoring themselves to the world. The song actually tones down the intensity of the chapter a bit. This is not a song where you would typically lift your hands.

I feel like people often fall in the slum of Christian cliché. It's what you do. You're at church and music is playing so you habitually lift up your hands. You don't even realize what words are being sung. In fact, your mind isn't even there. You're thinking about dinner later that night or what you're doing the next day.

Have you ever found yourself in the slum of Christian cliché?

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