iPhone Dilemma!

Let's see if Apple can redeem themselves.

Yesterday's situation was a major fail. Today, right when I woke up, I called Apple. They issued a return and I sent back my iPhone. I had a couple options for ordering my replacement. I could either order over the phone, order online again, or reserve one at a store. I didn't want to do either of the first two options because how would I be able to guarantee that the phone was actually unlocked? I wouldn't put it past Apple to make the same mistake again. And I just didn't wanna wait that long—it takes forever for a phone to get to America from China.

The customer service guy told me that the unlocked iPhones weren't releasing in stores til tomorrow and even then, it wasn't guaranteed that they would be there. I would have to check back at 9 pm because that is when the store reservations begin. No joke, I checked at 8:59 and it showed that it was at the Apple Store I wanted to go to, but it wouldn't let me click "select" cuz it wasn't 9:00 yet. THAT'S how precise they are.

At 9:02, it worked. It WORKED. I reserved my black 16gb iPhone 4S.

I hope I get to take it home with me tomorrow with NO problems. Fingers crossed!

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♥ CheChe said...

haha. your so funny. I pray you get to as well. Otherwise I have the feeling APPLE will be receiving a nicely written letter from you!


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