Elevator Adventures

What's November Blog Fest without a creeper story?!

You had to have known you were bound to get one. My life appears to be incomplete without them. It wasn't thaaaat bad today, but it is still definitely blog-worthy.


There are three elevators in the office building where I work. My work is on the fourth floor, along with some other companies, one of those companies being Wells Fargo. This morning when I got to work, I noticed that there was caution tape over one of the elevator doors. A man came in the same time I did but from the opposite entrance. Left with only two elevator choices, we both ended up on the same one. When I pushed the button for the fourth floor, he immediately asked, "Wells Fargo?" to which I replied, "No, sorry."

"Oh, cuz I have this package and I was going to give it to you."
"Uhh sorry."


"How about I give you this package and you give me your number?"
"No thanks."

Awkward Silence.

The rest of the elevator ride seemed to last an eternity. When the doors opened, I practically flew out of there!

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