Jesus Time

Today, I woke up with a goal of having some Jesus time when I got off of work. My Jesus time has been lacking lately, and I wanted to make up for it. I purposely didn't plan anything. I usually go out with friends before church on Wednesdays, but today, I just wanted to sit in my car—me and Jesus.

Of course, Satan didn't like my plan. I got to church an hour and a half early. I did nothing more than open my Bible before a friend walked up to my car and invited herself in. Within a minute, another friend had jumped in. We were en route to Starbucks. Sorry Jesus, you'll have to wait, I thought. I was bummed. My me and Jesus time had turned into a typical Starbucks date. Or so I thought. Jesus didn't allow Himself to be thrown on the back burner though. My intentions were good. And so Jesus joined us for our Starbucks date. The conversation was definitely one that I can look back on, knowing that it was glorifying to God.

Thank you, Jesus, for blessing me with Godly friends, ones that can have Jesus time with me.

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