I'm cheating a little. I'm changing the time of this post so it shows that it's posted on the right day. I mean, technically, that's not even cheating because I just got home. So even though it's after midnight, it's still my Thursday.

Aaaand, I just wrote a paragraph and deleted it. I'm getting better with this whole prudence thing.

God's teaching me a lot about prayer and about trust these days. I'm learning that a big part of prayer is just sitting there in silence and listening to God speak. I talk too much, and often I think I am a hindrance in my own life, because even when I pray about something, I focus too much on what I am telling God rather than what He is telling me.

Just a little something. Don't mind my overuse of commas in this post. It is almost 1 a.m.

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2 Responses to “ Prayer ”

Yvonne said...

You should read "The Power of a Whisper" It is a great book! :)

Elizabeth Mousa said...

I'll look it up! :)

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