Herb Patch

watching // HIMYM...I'm barely starting season 9...so no spoilers, please!
eating // scambled eggs
drinking // coffee
playing // the new Shane & Shane album + the new All Sons & Daughters album on repeat
wearing // pjs. I'm a housewife, remember?
reading // a bunch of blogs on my Feedly
loving // my wonderful, always hard-working husband
learning // to trust that God's timing is always the best timing
working // on blog template revisions
practicing // patience and productivity

Yesterday, hubs and I did some work on the garden. We transplanted this random lavender plant and cleared out an area so I can have an herb patch. [Random thought: since English people pronounce the "h" sound in the word "herb," would it be grammatically correct to say "a herb patch" rather than "an herb patch?"]

Anywayyys, so far, I've planted basil and coriander. I am planning to add mint, parsley, rosemary, and thyme. And yes, I plan to add them in that order so they can be in my garden alphabetically. Obsessive compulsive, I know.

I love working on the garden! And I love eating the [literal] fruit of my labor...or in this case, herbs!

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2 Responses to “ Herb Patch ”

Kerry Miller said...

A girl after my own heart ! all the things that I pretty much have been doing. How did you start your herb garden? I have been trying to look up tips for starting my own garden. I had tomatoes last year and it was amazing.

Elizabeth Walker said...

I literally just bought a bunch of potted herbs and then transferred them outside! :-D The key is making sure they are constantly watered!

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