The Rendezvous, St. Lucia

About a month, I accidentally broke a souvenir from our honeymoon. I was soooo sad. I even cried. Embarrassing, I know.

Maybe I hold on too strongly to physical things. Maybe that's a problem. Regardless, I wanted to get it replaced. I emailed the resort we stayed at for our honeymoon. I thought they'd understand. I was willing to pay for the replacement and pay for the shipping from St. Lucia to England. Our email correspondence lasted for about a week; they seemed eager to help me. But the last thing I heard from them was that the boutique at the resort didn't have any in stock and they were going to check their warehouse supplier. When I didn't receive any other emails, I thought they had given up so I tried to move on.

Then today, the doorbell rang and I received this package!!

I can't believe they sent it to me!! I didn't even pay a penny!! The Rendezvous made such a good impression on me and Craig when we were there, and now they exceeded their own reputation! If you're looking for a beach holiday location, I HIGHLY recommend The Rendezvous in St. Lucia! 

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Kerry Miller said...

Awe I get bummed too when something with sentimental value breaks or gets lost. So happy to hear they sent you a new one :) Such a nice surprise to know they care about the people that have come to their resort. Such a great souvenir !

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