Pretty Finds Vol. 3

1. If it wasn't wayyy too complicated of a remodel, I would love to add a window seat to my house! I'd be there allllll the time reading with a cup of coffee in my hand!

2. Yesterday, we were at some friends' house and we were talking about how iPhone batteries just don't last the whole day. This can be VERY annoying unless you have an external battery pack to give your phone a boost. Look at this new cute one I found on Photojojo! I want it!! If this one costs a little too much, check out my friends' company which sells them for way cheaper! (The might not be in a built-in purse, but they definitely get the job done!)

3. Definitely taking part in A Beautiful Mess's Photo Challenge! #abeautifulmesschallenge

4. One of the things I miss now that I live in the UK is shopping at Target! Aren't these little buckets adorable?!

5. I love peonies. And I love green. What can be prettier than this?!

6. I might have to build one of these for all my clothes!

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One Response to “ Pretty Finds Vol. 3 ”

Kerry Miller said...

1. I have always wanted a window seat too. I think you could totally make it happen :) you are talented like that !
2.Have you been reading my mind? Because my mom and I were both saying how we need a portable battery.
3. Obsessing over A Beautiful Mess! I didn't know about this photo challenge, you have inspired me to venture out and try this.
4. Target is my true obsession. Ask my dad, when I am bored I go to target. super cute little buckets. If you ever want anything from target let me know and I can get it for you and ship it !
5. My absolute favorite flower :) gorgeous picture!!
6. This is genius.

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