Pretty Finds - Volume 2

1. You thought nail polish was only for your nails, huh? Nope, not anymore!

2. I remember when I first saw the Periodic Table of Typefaces and I thought it was soooo cool! This is pretty cool too, but if they made one with Typefaces, it would be cool²!!

3. How smart and chic is this idea?? A vase on a bookshelf—and it blends right in too!

4. I'd love to visit this Victorian mansion someday!

5. Dreamy color grading puts me in the mood to travel! I need to start editing my pictures just like this! :)

6. If only all honey was sold in pretty packages like this! I'm a sucker for pretty packaging...I'd buy anything!

7. I'm not one to typically brag about my own photography, but I love the way this photo came out...and the edible product wasn't too shabby either!

8. I'm a bit sad that Blogtacular is so expensive! It's only a couple hours away from me too!! Oh well, I guess I'll have to learn the fine art of super-blogging on my own! How do you all think I am doing?

9. I know this is in a store, not in a house, but I reeeeeally want bookshelves like this in my house!!

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2 Responses to “ Pretty Finds - Volume 2 ”

hayley said...

i love that dark color grading... that style also totally reminds me of traveling and far off adventures. love your blog btws :) i love having fellow blogging friends

Elizabeth Walker said...

Aww thanks Hayley!! I love having fellow blogging friends as well! :-D

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