Rodizio Rico

Last night was a blast! I love spending time with friends and when that involves eating as well, it is absolutely perfect!

We went to Rodizio Rico, a Brazilian BBQ place in the city centre. It's one of those places where they give you this little token thing that has a red side and a green side. As long as you have it flipped with the green side showing, they keep coming by with large pieces of different kinds of meats. When you get full, you just flip it over to the red side so they know to stop. Since it was my third time there, I knew exactly which meats I wanted and which to it made it easier to pace myself and not get way too full way too fast.

Afterwards, we went back to Dave and Clare's house and had ice cream. You can always make room for ice cream!

We couldn't help laughing at the way she was holding the bottle in her mouth! Haha!

Craig kept taking pictures while we were still chewing!

That's better!

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2 Responses to “ Rodizio Rico ”

Kerry Miller said...

this place sounds delicious and yummy ! looks like you guys had so much fun. awesome pics!

Elizabeth Walker said...

Thanks!! :-D

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