Nail Polish

One of my biggest pet peeves is painting my nails and then having them chip later on that same day. In my frustration,  I ordered a CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat in order to emulate having a Shellac manicure. Usually, I don't buy a product unless I do thorough research and read a ton of reviews. But I just couldn't find the amount of reviews I was hoping for. So I'm reaching out to my blogosphere and taking a poll. What do you guys think?

In case you aren't sure what CND Vinylux is or what Gelous is, here are some pics!

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2 Responses to “ Nail Polish ”

Kerry Miller said...

I hate it when they chip too. I have been getting gel alot lately and even though i love it, I have notice my nails have gotten weak after I take the gel off. A great way I have noticed to keep your mani lasting is too put one of those top coast like your CND(love this brand; need to try the product you posted) one on everyday. That helps the mani chip less :)

Elizabeth Walker said...

Ohhh so you keep repainting the top coat layer every day??

I'm excited to try my CND top coat when it comes in the mail!

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